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PVC Foam Board
Versatile, durable & lightweight, PVC foam board is perfect for ceilings, interior panels, furniture, signs, and chemical corrosion engineering etc. It's an ideal substitute for wood, aluminum, and other composites. Its smooth surface is hard with negligible scratching. And there is easy handling, cutting & fabrication. PVC foam board has exceptional characteristics, like heat resistant, strong and flexible.
PVC Edge Band Tape
PVC edge banding tapes are outstanding for modular furniture. They are easy to fix, versatile, and have a long life. These tapes are effective for concealing the edges of panels and furniture etc. They provide exceptional appearance, protection and durability. The edge-banding is perfect for protecting the wood, and improving its look. It comes in a variety of shades and colors.
Wood Plastic Composite Board
Wood-plastic composite (WPC) boards have versatile applications like fencing, cladding, railing, landscaping, furniture, and so on. These are innovative composite items, which are combination of thermoplastics and wood fiber or flour. Using WPC has several benefits, such as durability, low maintenance, safety and easily mold-able. It also offers considerably increased value.
PVC Laminates
PVC laminates are designed to be stylish, durable, appealing, and functional. They offer elegant solution for your home / office decoration. Also, there is a careful selection of latest design and grade-appropriate material. The laminates help create aesthetically inspiring spaces. We keep up with standard as well as special designs. They can be utilized for kitchens, walls, work tops, and more.
Interior Decorative Boards
Interior decorative boards offer a wide range of aesthetic options. They are great for wall covering, false ceiling, furniture manufacturing, and more. Also, the decorative panels are appropriate for indoor and outdoor settings. Our decorative boards come in various dimensions and finishes. They feature durable finish, moisture resistance and high strength.
PVC Marble Sheets
PVC marble sheets come in numerous designer colors and styles. They offer great decorative, high-gloss and functionality. Their wide applications include: kitchen, closets, doors, wardrobes, corridors, office reception, etc. These sheets are well-suited for projects in offices, hotels and high-end-residences. They have unique characteristics, such as flame retardant, non-slip, stable quality, anti-corrosion, and simple construction.
WPC Foam Sheet
WPC foam sheets furnish diverse requirements of customers, perfectly. They serve in the best possible manner, and perfect for fences, railing, window frames, and outdoors. There are excellent finish and reliable usage value, both. Offered in various sizes, the sheets meet your definite desires. WPC offers high termite resistance, stability and strength.
PVC Foam Sheet
PVC foam sheet is perfect for your imagination. It comes in a variety colors and sizes. Easy to cut & shape, it is outstanding for any design. Our foam sheets are great for residential, commercial and industrial use. They can be used in many of today's functional and decorative applications. Also, the sheets are developed for strength, durability & versatility.
WPC Celuka Foam Board
WPC celuka foam boards are preferred for countless interiors and outdoor applications. They are made with proven celuka structural foaming technology. There is termite & pest proofing as well. The boards are used for WPC flooring, decking, railing and pallets etc. With superior favorable characteristics, they are perfect for advertisement & furniture industries. The characteristics include: moisture resistance, water resistance, durability and environ friendliness.

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